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The St.Martin

Wedding Planner

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Civil Wedding

This registration is reserved for couples that will be planning a their civil wedding in St.Maarten.


1. Complete your REGISTRATION FORM .

Upon submitting the form, you will be required to make a deposit of $500.00* (Paypal or Credit Card) to complete your registration and confirm your reservation. This deposit will be applied towards the final bill.


2. Prepare required documents and mail them to us asap:

IMPORTANT: Each documents listed below (Except the photocopies of passports) must be sent with an apostille. For those documents that require a translation, please make sure the apostille is on the ORIGINAL COPY, not the translation.

All Canadian documents require an “Authentication Stamp” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a “Legalization Stamp” from the Dutch Consulate.

• Bride and Groom birth certificate, with parents names

• A photocopy of valid passport

•  Marital status: The couple must present a letter from the Vital 
   Statistics Office, which states they were never married.

• If divorced : a divorce certificate

• If widow(er) : a death certificate

• All foreign documents have to be translated in Dutch or English

• If minors, permission of the parents.

• Six witnesses if the marriage is performed outside and two if
   same takes place in the MARRIAGE HALL. (Witnesses can be
   provided upon request)

• Name changes or adoption papers if applicable


Please mail all required documents using FeDEX or DHL to:

Tropical Wedding & Honeymoon
C/o Lucie Davis
Sequoia Tree Dr 5
Plantain Groove, Cole Bay
St. Maarten


By using TWH as your local coordinators, you won't have to be on the island for any specific amount of days prior to your wedding date.

*Deposit is non-refundable after a period of 48hrs post receipt.

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